Final Meeting with tutor 04/04/17:

This reasoning for this meeting was to have a one to one where Barry could answer any final questions I had before Hand In. My main concerns revolved around the submission and whether or not it would be online as well as physical. Myself and Barry looked through blackboard and emails to come to the realization that it was just a physical hand in however the report needed to be on the USB drive with the video. I also discussed my layout for the remainder of the report (methodologies, results, discussion and collusion). Barry stated that i was on the right lines and should continue to write the reports as planned to do so.




We started this meeting by having a question and answer with Barry mainly revolving around issues we are currently facing during the development of our final prototypes. My main query was that compiling the entire system of my e-Commerce website would not be doable in the time needed with my current technical ability using advanced PHP. I explained that i could get the majority of the system working however it would not communicate with the rest of the system. Barry indicated this was fine as long as the main aspects discussed in my research report where touched upon within the prototype. He indicated that these issues and ways I could have implemented them will be good information for the final report.

We then looked into the final report structure and examples to gain an insight into what would should include and take note off. We cover the majority of the reports including; marking criteria, appendices as well as what else we need to hand in on the 6th of April.



In this meeting, the group, along with Barry discussed what was next for our projects and what we were going to include in prototype 2. I stated to Barry that, by the next meeting, I would like to have the database created, and either the login or product information/functionality working, Looking forward I need to first work through all technical aspects of the prototype and refer to my research to see how these aspects would be as usable a possible.


30/01/16: Prototype One Presentation (Barry Dean and Keir Williams)

In this meeting we were put together with another group, tutored by Keir, and presented our video demonstrations of our prototypes to date. I was extremely unhappy with the quality of my video and prototype. Looking at what others had achieved in the same timescale I felt that I was behind where I should be. However saying this I gained some interesting knowledge of different technologies I could use to technically enhance my project as i move on to more difficult functionality. These included NodeJs and Ruby on Rails which I will research more and see if they can be used/adapted to help my project.


16/01/17: Fifth meeting with CTP tutor (Barry Dean).

This was the first meeting back after the Christmas break and therefore was a review of what we had done to date and what we needed to complete for the prototype demonstration due on the 30th of January. I had started to compose the basic HTML and CSS for the front end of my online store however discussed with Barry the possibility of using raw bootstrap to help me complete this task quicker. As the HTML and CSS would just be providing the layout and design aspects, both of which I have a fair bit of experience in, I felt that using bootstrap to make this process quicker was the best approach for the project.


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31/10/16 & 14/11/16: Second and third meeting with CTP Tutor (Barry Dean).

I decided to combine these meetings within this log as they both had the same focus and progression. In both myself, Barry and the rest of the group discussed and received feedback on our research presentations and reports to date. I gained feedback on what elements and aspects needed more depth and that I needed to try and include more academic sources to add more reliable data.